The Liaison Group

The Liaison Group (TLG) is a DC-based federal lobbying firm dedicated to shaping the federal legislative and policy landscape for the cannabis industry. TLG focuses its efforts and expertise in both the House and Senate with the overarching goal of protecting and preserving state-authorized cannabis programs.


Assess where each office is in their understanding of the industry, the cannabis plant, and awareness of recent and current legislative efforts impacting Industry


Identify the specific concerns of each office that influence their ability and willingness to support legislative efforts


Educate offices on the modern applications and research of the cannabis plant, and serve as a resource on the dynamics within the industry as well as on the plant’s benefits, efficacy and safety profile


Influence Congressional Members and Staff on legislation by bridging a direct benefit between the legislation and their constituency, and articulating the consequences of inaction


Advance and ultimately change the laws that impact the entire cannabis industry by strategically navigating the current political climate, bringing unexpected allies into the fold, and leveraging unique windows of opportunity to advance legislative strategies