Big Picture Perspective – Nuanced, Detailed & Strategic Responses

The Liaison Group, DC’s only lobbying firm focused exclusively on the cannabis industry, works to preserve state-approved cannabis programs and to remove barriers to the industry at the federal level. The Liaison Group advocates for clients who believe that an industry committed to compliance – via sound regulatory frameworks that address finance and banking, manufacturing practices, labeling and packaging, as well as inventory and security measures – will create a prosperous environment for all stakeholders.


Government Relations & Lobbying

TLG ensures our cannabis clients’ voices and values are heard and understood by federal lawmakers. By understanding the short, medium and long term impacts of pending legislation and policy for the industry, TLG serves its clients as their “eyes and ears” inside the beltway. TLG’s strategic advantage is that we have “boots on the ground” experience with decision-makers and policy influencers throughout the federal government. 

Strategic Planning & Consulting

Successfully and effectively communicating a message begins with a thoughtful, targeted and comprehensive plan. TLG works closely with every client to ensure that their organization’s vision aligns with their government affairs and public policy initiatives to ultimately support their strategic goals.