TLG Presents at NJ Cannabis Symposium

Saphira Galoob was honored to share the stage with an outstanding group of Cannabis colleagues for the launch of the NJ Cannabis Symposium in Newark to a crowd of more than 800+ at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.   Congratulations Ellie Sigel | Longview Strategic, Brian and Amber Staffa | BSC GroupJosh Bauchner | Ansell Grimm & Aaron, PC, Gary Rosen | Marcum LLP.   Check out the news coverage on  NJTV PBS including featured footages of Saphira commenting on the impacting of AG Sessions rescinding of the Department of Justice Guidance Memoranda.  

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Saphira Galoob Presents at the NJ Cannabis Symposium

Following last week's tumultuous Department of Justice announcement impacting the Cannabis Industry, TLG Principal, Saphira Galoob will present an inside-the-beltway perspective of the evolving landscape in Congress and what stakeholders can do to influence the direction of Federal law and policy impacting the Cannabis Industry.  

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TLG to Present at Cannabis Business Expo in Little Rock Arkansas

TLG Co-Founder and Advisor Tami Wahl presents on CBD:  Credibility through Compliance.  Given the intersection of robust commercial opportunities and a complex political climate around Cannabidiol (CBD), Tami discusses the importance of responsible stakeholders as we pave the road to market access in a 21st century regulatory model.  The most responsible stakeholders will survive the long game by incorporating and upholding the highest standards including:  clean labels, tight supply chain, cGMP compliance, substantiation for claims, efficacy and safety, collecting adverse data and knowing the players in the industry.   If you are bringing a Cannabidiol (CBD) product to market and would like to participate in the defining the federal regulatory environment that will affect your business and the overall market, please feel free to call or email us for further discussion.     

TLG Returns to Brave New Weed Podcast as Featured Guests
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Special thanks to hosts Joe Dolce and Matthew Hendershot of the Brave New Weed Podcast for inviting Saphira and Tami to participate in such a dynamic conversation around the Federal political, legislative and policy landscape impacting the Cannabis Industry.   For those interested in what happening in Washington, D.C. TLG's shares their boots-on-ground experience on interacting with Senators and Representatives around the wild world of Cannabis law and policy.  Click HERE to enjoy TLG in Episode 16:  Special Report:  Will Cannabis Ever Be Legal in the U.S.?

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Changing Hearts and Minds: One Lawmaker at a Time

Since last Fall, TLG has dedicated its efforts to Federal Legislative Advocacy for the Cannabis Industry.   After visiting 100+ offices, TLG learned that to expand the number of lawmakers who support Cannabis, Industry needs to bring patient advocates to Capitol Hill to change their hearts and minds - One Lawmaker at a Time.  Last week, TLG joined Public Affairs firm, Gide for a Congressional Press Briefing, "Kids, Veterans & Athletes: Connecting through Cannabis."  With the leadership of Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Congressman Tom Garrett (R-VA) and Congressman Luis Carrea (D-CA), and thanks to the courage and generosity of our Cannabis advocates, retired NFL Player, Kyle Turley, former Navy Seal and Founder of the Veterans Cannabis Project, Nick Etten, and Holley and RayAnn Mosely, we delivered a message from the modern face and voices of the Cannabis Industry.  We are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, athletes, veterans, children - and every lawmaker on Capitol Hill has someone positively impacted by Cannabis in their lives.  The may not know it yet, but they will soon - and they will come to embrace this Industry and this miraculous plant - One Lawmaker at at Time!

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TLG Brings Retired NFL Player Kyle Turley & Former Navy Seal Nick Etten to Capitol Hill to Advocate on Behalf of the Cannabis Industry
 Nick Etten, Retired Navy Seal, Founder, Executive Director of the Veterans Cannabis Project (Left) and retired NFL Player Kyle Turley meet with Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) in Statuary Hall during TLG'S Kids, Veterans & Athletes Capitol Campaign. 

Nick Etten, Retired Navy Seal, Founder, Executive Director of the Veterans Cannabis Project (Left) and retired NFL Player Kyle Turley meet with Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) in Statuary Hall during TLG'S Kids, Veterans & Athletes Capitol Campaign. 

TLG welcomes Cannabis Advocates, Former NFL Player Kyle Turley and Retired Navy Seal and Founder of the Veterans Cannabis Project, Nick Etten to Capitol Hill to visit with Republican lawmakers on the benefits and efficacy of Medical Cannabis.  In addition to sharing their personal stories, both Kyle and Nick shared the stories of other colleagues whose health and well-being rely on Cannabis.  Additionally, they conveyed how important it is for Congress to maintain the current language defunding the DOJ FY2018 spending bills so that that States are respected and patients are protected.  

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TLG and Gide Host Medical Cannabis Press Conference: Kids, Veterans & Athletes: Connecting Through Cannabis

TLG joins with Public Affairs firm Gide to present a press conference on Capitol Hill to bring together a diverse set of patients who have all benefited from medical Cannabis to share their personal stories.

Featured Congressional Speakers:  

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL)

Congressman (R-VA)

Congressman Luis Correra (D - CA)


Featured Medical Cannabis Advocates

Former NFL star Kyle Turley whose eight-year NFL career and over 100 concussions caused him to become reliant on painkillers which contributed to his 20-year struggle with depression, anxiety, and rage. Kyle will share his experience with medical Cannabis and how it ultimately saved his life, and now allows him to live opioid-free.

Nurse Holley Moseley who has over 14 years of nursing experience, specializing in pediatrics and clinical research. Her daughter suffered from daily seizures despite the use of anti-epileptic medications, specialdiets and an implantable device. It wasn’t until she began using high-CBD cannabis oil that she found relief. As a result, Holley has become a medical Cannabis advocate and was instrumental in passing the first cannabis legislation in the state of Florida, known as "The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014". 

Former Navy SEAL Nick Etten who is Founder and Executive Director of the Veterans Cannabis  Project, an organization dedicated to improving US military Veterans’ quality of life through legal access to medical Cannabis.

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TLG Makes its Debut Appearance on Brave New Weed Podcast Joining Dr. Ethan Russo

Special thanks to the brilliant Joe Dolce for include The Liaison Group in the Brave New Weed Podcast.  In Episode 14:  The Magnificent and Mezmorizing Stink of Cannabis Explained, Saphira Galoob and Tami Wahl share the stage with the internationally renowned neurologist and psychopharmacologist Dr. Ethan Russo.    Dedicated to understanding the complex and dynamic world of Cannabis, Joe Dolce is a clever and charming provocateur with broad and deep subject expertise across the entire Industry.   If you live in the world of Cannabis, run don't walk to subscribe to this amazing, entertaining and informative program.  And, stay tuned, we are looking for TLG to join Joe again very soon!  Click HERE to Listen!

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TLG Brings Retired NFL Athlete Advocate Marvin Washington to Lobby Federal Lawmakers on Behalf of Cannabis Industry

Marivn Washington Joins TLG on Capitol Hill


TLG brings Retired NFL Athlete Advocate Marvin Washington to Capitol Hill to meet with Republican lawmakers.  Congressional members were eager to hear Mr. Washigton's perspective on the efficacy and benefits that medical Cannabis can have to treat chronic pain and the latest data that Cannabis is beneficial as a neuroprotectant for football players' head injuries.   

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TLG Organizes Congressional Briefing in US Capitol on Science of Cannabis for United Patients Group
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On May 15, 2016, The Liaison Group organized a Congressional Briefing on the Science of Safe Medical Cannabis in the US Capitol.  In the collaboration with the U.S. Congressional Caucus and hosted by United Patients Group, and featured expert speakers from Steep Hill, Shimadzu, Pathogendx and Transhlx presented Industry experts presented on the state of the science for testing and the importance of data and transparency to ensure the safety and benefits to patients.   

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TLG Visits Harborside In Oakland California

TLG ❤️ Harborside

Special thanks to dress Wedding for the tour of their AMAZING dispensary!  Harborside is the gold standard of dispensaries!  Such an impressive operation - such an impressive team of Cannabis professionals!  

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